Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is ALL PICS used?

The evaluator reads the scripted test items from the free data sheets on our Downloads page, scores each response, and then can quickly turn to the next page of the assessment, without having to spend time laying out the field of exemplars. Visit our YouTube channel to see examples of ALL PICS in action.

2. Who can use ALL PICS?

ALL PICS was designed to make verbal behavior assessment more easily accessible to a variety of adults who serve individuals with developmental disabilities. Team members such as behavior analysts, teachers, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, paraprofessionals, non-certified ABA therapists or technicians, and parents can use ALL PICS as part of the evaluation process. The adult utilizing ALL PICS can read the scripted demands on the data sheet and record the learner’s responses. The data can then be analyzed by a behavior analyst or other practitioner who is skilled in assessing verbal behavior.

3. Does ALL PICS contain all pictures necessary to administer the VB-MAPP?

ALL PICS contains all of the pictures necessary to administer all VB-MAPP Milestones that can be assessed with pictures, including all of the Listener, Visual, Tact, LRFFC, Reading and Math Milestones that can be assessed with pictures. Some VB-MAPP Milestones cannot be assessed with pictures, such as Manding, Play, Social Interaction, etc. These repertoires would be assessed using toys and preferred stimuli in the learner’s everyday environment. Free data sheets for testing these repertoires are available on our Downloads page.

4. Can I purchase individual ALL PICS books, rather than buying the set of 3 books and 275 flashcards?

Sorry, no. ALL PICS is sold only as a comprehensive set.

5. How do I submit a purchase order?

Please fax purchase orders to 866-825-4349
Mailing Address: 1091 Twin Oaks Trail Watkinsville, GA 30677
Phone number 614-353-8773
EIN: 271778277

6. Does ALL PICS include 3-D objects for matching 2-D to 3-D stimuli?

No. The authors specifically chose 2-D stimuli that correspond with items that could be easily found in a home or school (e.g. a plain yellow pencil, a paperclip, etc.). This way, if objects are broken or lost during testing, the evaluator can quickly and easily replace them.

7. Is ALL PICS used for teaching new skills?

No. ALL PICS was designed specifically and exclusively for assessment purposes.

8. Can I use ALL PICS with assessments other than the VB-MAPP?

Yes, ALL PICS can potentially be used with other criterion-referenced language assessments. However, ALL PICS was specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the VB-MAPP, and the authors strongly recommend the use of the VB-MAPP.

9. Where can I purchase the VB-MAPP?

The VB-MAPP can be purchased at www.avbpress.com