ALL PICS - Complete Set

ALL PICS - Complete Set


ALL PICS contains all of the pictures necessary to administer the VB-MAPP Milestones. ALL PICS consists of 3 spiral bound books, with pre-arranged fields of high-resolution images that correspond with the VB-MAPP specifications. While conducting a verbal behavior assessment, the evaluator using ALL PICS can quickly record responses on the corresponding data sheets and then turn from one page of the book to the next. For visual tasks, a corresponding box of labeled flashcards is included.

The unique benefits of using ALL PICS during verbal behavior assessment include:

  • A condensed, portable set of books that takes up much less space than other verbal behavior assessment kits.
  • Includes 275 labeled, high-resolution flashcards for visual performance assessment that correspond to each page of the visual performance book. This saves the evaluator time, since there is no need to search for cards or use the same card multiple times on different pages.
  • Corresponding, free data sheets that can be downloaded for each learner.
  • The opportunity to test generalization with novel pictures, as opposed to familiar flashcards that the learner has seen many times.
  • Team members with limited training in behavior analysis can play an active role in the assessment process, reading from the scripts on the data sheets.
  • Comprehensive image list of over 1,200 common items that can be used to assess the number of tacts or listener responses in a learner’s repertoire.
  • Reduced amount of time spent gathering and organizing materials and increased efficiency during testing enables more rapid completion of testing.
  • More economical than other verbal behavior kits.

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